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Starting the Admissions Process for
Sustainable Recovery

Taking the step to seek help for substance use disorder can be incredibly difficult, yet immensely rewarding. Acknowledging your struggle and loss of control is the initial move toward a brighter future. While challenges lie ahead, know that you don’t have to face them alone.

Embracing the decision to address your substance use disorder marks the beginning of a transformative journey. It takes courage to admit vulnerability and recognize the need for change. As you embark on this path, you’ll encounter obstacles, but remember that you have a support system to lean on. With professional guidance, unwavering encouragement, and your own determination, you can overcome these challenges and emerge stronger. Ultimately, this brave choice will lead to a renewed sense of self and a fulfilling, substance-free life.

1. Get in Contact with Our Admissions

The admissions journey starts with a discreet, no-cost phone consultation with our treatment center. In this preliminary conversation, we’ll ask a few preadmission evaluation questions to gain a deeper understanding of your circumstances.

Our admissions team is accessible 24/7 to assist you throughout the admission and intake procedure, covering payment alternatives, travel logistics, and subsequent steps. Many of our admissions team members are in recovery themselves, which allows them to genuinely empathize with your experiences. Feel free to reach out to us at 615-488-5311.

2. Complete Our Admissions Assessment

On your first call, an admissions representative will carry out a pre-admission evaluation to understand you, your background, clinical requirements, and the practical aspects of attending treatment.

This concise clinical assessment will address your mental state, addiction history (e.g., preferred drug, usage patterns), physical constraints, and any existing medical conditions. This data will aid us in creating a tailored treatment plan for you. If TN Detox is deemed unsuitable for your needs, we’ll collaborate with you to locate suitable treatment elsewhere.

3. Assessing Your Insurance

Upon learning more about you, we’ll ask for your insurance policy details to evaluate your plan’s coverage and provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of care. Our admissions representatives possess extensive experience in assisting individuals and families in navigating their insurance benefits.

After identifying your plan’s benefits or arranging an alternative payment method, we’ll collaborate with you to ensure you have access to all entitled benefits and receive the highest quality care possible.

4. Beginning Your Road to Recovery

After finalizing your personalized care plan and attendance logistics, your admissions coordinator will stay in touch until you arrive at our facility. Upon arrival, you or your loved one will collaborate closely with a multidisciplinary treatment team consisting of experienced and devoted professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality care possible.


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