Drug Rehab

September 20, 2023

Drug Rehab

Starting treatment at an inpatient drug rehabilitation center is the most effective way to overcome a drug addiction. Substance use disorders are pervasive – affecting over 46 million people in the United States – and can be incredibly difficult to break free from on your own. But with quality evidence-based treatment from a compassionate team of mental health professionals, you can break free from addiction and achieve a lasting recovery.

How Drug Rehab Works

Inpatient drug rehab is the next step after completing a medical detox. But where detox focuses on helping people make it through the difficult stage of physical withdrawal, a drug rehab center focuses on helping you to manage your cravings, learn the skills needed to maintain your sobriety, and uncover and address the root causes of a substance use disorder.

Addiction isn’t simply a problem of uncontrolled substance use, but a constellation of factors that all contribute to why people struggle to stop using on their own. This includes:

  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Learned habits
  • Physical dependence
  • Social pressures
  • Belief systems

To create a pathway to recovery, each of these components need to be addressed, and the intensive nature of our inpatient drug rehab in Tennessee can help start you on the path to holistic healing.

Inpatient drug rehab at TN Detox center uses a comprehensive approach to helping people break free from addiction, treating the whole person rather than a single problem in isolation. Through offering a safe and supportive environment for recovery, delivering targeted and evidence-based treatment methods, and being able to truly empathize with the challenges that so many people in recovery face – you can build a foundation of recovery to last a lifetime.

Treatments and Therapies

The treatments, therapies, and interventions at our drug rehabilitation center make up the core of our addiction treatment program. Clients attend treatment for several hours each day – allowing you to quickly develop the skills to overcome cravings and resist relapse when it matters the most. We use a wide range of treatment options to help people in the early days of recovery, including:

Individual Therapy

Working one-on-one with an individual therapist plays a key role in overcoming a substance use disorder, and is one of the most effective paths to overcoming addiction. Therapy can help you identify your personal substance use triggers, uncover the root cause of your addiction, and provide expert guidance in the steps you need to take to break free from your addiction once and for all.

Of all the treatments offered at an inpatient drug rehab, nothing is more personalized and in-depth than individual therapy. Your therapist can help you with any number of challenges – from specific struggles with drug use, to helping you overcome co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety, and helping you work towards your personal goals and growth.

Group Therapy

Peer-to-peer support is an invaluable tool in the treatment of drug addiction. In group therapy, several people facing the same challenge of addiction come together to support one another, share strategies that have been helpful in the path to recovery, and travel the road to sobriety together.

Living with a substance use disorder can often lead to people feeling like they are alone – that nobody understands the challenges they face, or how their substance use disorder makes them feel. But in group therapy, you can see with your own eyes that people from similar situations have achieved sobriety, hear from their stories that they felt the same way you do, and work together to build a life worth living in recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT can be an incredibly helpful intervention for people struggling to stay sober on their own. MAT is the practice of using targeted medications that can relieve many of the symptoms of a substance use disorder, making the path to sobriety much easier. While MAT is most frequently used in the treatment of opioid use disorders, new treatment protocols have been shown to be effective at helping people overcome methamphetamine addiction, alcohol addiction, and several other substance use disorders.

When to Seek Treatment at an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab is designed to help people who cannot stop using drugs on their own. Several symptoms indicate that somebody needs the help of professional drug rehabilitation:

  • Multiple failed attempts to cut down or stop substance use on your own
  • Invasive drug cravings
  • Using more drugs than intended or for longer than you planned
  • Continued substance use despite physical or mental health consequences
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities outside of substance use
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms if substance use suddenly stops
  • Substance use interferes with your responsibilities at home, work, or school

If you or a loved one is showing these hallmark signs of addiction, the time to seek treatment is now. Substance use disorders typically get worse over time if you don’t seek professional help, but there is a path to living a healthier life in sobriety.

The TN Detox Center Difference

Our drug rehab in Tennessee not only offers the best in evidence-based care but strives to make every step of your recovery journey as comfortable and approachable as possible. From our world-class team of mental health and addiction professionals to our comfortably appointed residential treatment facilities, every element that can contribute to you overcoming an addiction has been thought out with care.

TN Detox Center’s drug rehab is built upon the values that can help pave the way to recovery for anyone, such as:

  • Cultural Competence – Recognizing that people from all walks of life experience addiction, and upholding the values, beliefs, and feelings that come from a diverse range of cultural experiences.
  • Trauma-Informed Care – Understanding that many people facing substance use disorders have experienced trauma, and working at every level of treatment to acknowledge the effect trauma can have on your everyday life.
  • Personalized Approaches to Addiction Treatment – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery, and taking a truly individualized approach helps our clients meet their personal goals.
  • A Humanistic Approach to Recovery – You are not just another “addict”: you are a person with a rich history and experience that should be valued and celebrated.

We know how difficult breaking free from an addiction can be – but with the right help, anyone can recover. When you’re ready to begin, reach out to the team at TN Detox Center by calling (615) 488-5311 or filling out our confidential online contact form for more information, and start your path to a lasting recovery today.

Start your road to recovery today.

Take the first step on the road to recovery and contact us to get the help you need.

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