Aftercare Program

October 12, 2023

Aftercare Program

Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime – it doesn’t simply end when you complete an addiction treatment program. While seeking out evidence-based treatment gives you the tools and resources necessary to live a life of recovery, most people will benefit from ongoing support and accountability in the form of an addiction aftercare program in Tennessee, which extends the treatment process through to your transition back home.

The Recovery Process

While no two paths to recovery are the same, addiction treatment is typically laid out in a structured way to make it easy for people to overcome the common challenges of recovery. At TN Detox Center, our model for recovery follows a three-stage process:

  1. Medical Detox. Substance use disorders can cause crippling physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when substance use suddenly stops. In some cases, these symptoms are not only intensely uncomfortable, but potentially lethal. A medical detox center focuses on treating these symptoms with targeted medical interventions and provides extensive support during the difficult first days of sobriety.
  2. Drug and Alcohol Rehab. While detox is an essential first step, it’s typically not enough to produce lasting recovery. People need to learn to overcome drug or alcohol cravings which can last for months or years, develop skills to manage the stressors and challenges of everyday life, and find the resources that can sustain their recovery for years to come.
  3. Aftercare Programs. The aftercare program is the final component: and is designed to sustain newfound recovery after transitioning away from drug and alcohol rehabilitation. An aftercare program helps people maintain the skills they’ve learned, provides accountability for your sobriety, and extends the treatment process for as long as it serves your recovery.

Each stage is important – but the aftercare program is uniquely equipped to help people transition the skills they’ve learned in treatment into their everyday lives.

The Evidence for Aftercare

Researchers have long strived to understand the best possible strategies to help people overcome substance use disorders. And while evidence-based treatments and therapies often take the spotlight, clinicians have found time and time again that the longer people stay involved in an addiction treatment program, the more likely they are to resist relapse and sustain their recovery.

In particular, rehab aftercare programs that offer a few key elements have been found to be the most effective in helping people achieve their goal of recovery:

  1. Higher intensity aftercare programs are more effective than less intensive programs.
  2. Longer aftercare duration leads to better results.
  3. Programs that reach out to their clients, rather than waiting for their clients to come to them, are among the most effective.

Putting this evidence together, TN Detox Center has created an aftercare program that optimizes your chances of lasting recovery and mental health.

The TN Detox Center Aftercare Program

The rehab aftercare program at TN Detox Center was created by experts in the addiction field with decades of experience and has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of our clients after they finish treatment.

When you’ve completed drug and alcohol rehab, there are several key ingredients to long-term success:

  1. Accountability. Nobody is perfect on their journey towards recovery. Sometimes you need to take two steps back to take another three steps forward. But if nobody is holding you to your recovery goals, it’s all too easy for people to slip into old patterns of behavior, addictive tendencies, and ultimately back into a substance use disorder. The aftercare program is designed to hold you accountable to your goals – and help you prosper in recovery.
  2. Ongoing therapy. Treatment doesn’t have to stop after you’ve walked out the door. With options for individual and group therapy available to our aftercare clients, you can receive the same evidence-based treatments that have helped you build your recovery in the first place.
  3. Social support. The transition from rehab back to home can often feel isolating. After being surrounded by peers and professionals that truly understand your addiction, leaving treatment can lead to loneliness and loss of solid support structures. Our aftercare program builds this support back in, so that you can share true connection and build resiliency through working with others.
  4. Medication management. Medication-assisted treatment is one of the most effective methods to help people stay sober, and leaving treatment doesn’t mean this has to end. Ongoing medication management makes sure that you have the medications you need, in the dose you need, when you need them.
  5. Community bridges. Building a life in recovery can be overwhelming – and many people don’t know where to start. The TN Detox Center aftercare program helps facilitate this process by connecting our clients to local resources, support groups, community partners, and job placement services. With these tools in hand, you can hit the ground running when heading back home.

With these resources available for our clients, we take every measure to ensure that you have all you need to thrive in your new life in recovery, to put the skills you’ve learned in treatment into practice, and that you always have a source of support should your confidence begin to waver.

At TN Detox Center, we have your back. We know recovery doesn’t end at discharge – and are prepared to go the distance with you for as long as you need our help.

Start Treatment at TN Detox Center Today

The addiction treatment program at TN Detox Center is designed to help you through every step of the treatment process. Our team understands how difficult breaking free from addiction can be – but with evidence-based treatment, individualized treatment options, and extensive support in the form of a comprehensive aftercare recovery program – you can break free from addiction.

When you’re ready to begin, call TN Detox Center at 615-488-5311 or fill out our confidential online contact form for more information. Our team can walk you through our comprehensive addiction treatment options, explain each level of care and treatment in detail, and help start you on the path to a lifetime of recovery.

Start your road to recovery today.

Take the first step on the road to recovery and contact us to get the help you need.

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